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Rats, mice, and other animals can cause structural and other damage inside the home, cause odors inside and outside the home, and most importantly can also cause disease. Most of the time the disease is spread through their fecal matter, but just being around them can cause issues as well. Rabies is a well known disease that can be spread to humans from infected raccoons, skunks, and other animals. Rats and mice are not known to infect people with rabies, but they can spread other diseases.

Diseases include:

* Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome expanded
* Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome collapsed
* Lassa Fever collapsed
* Leptospirosis collapsed
* Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis (LCM) collapsed
* Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever collapsed
* Plague collapsed
* Rat-Bite Fever collapsed
* Salmonellosis collapsed
* South American Arenaviruses (Argentine hemorrhagic fever, Bolivian hemorrhagic fever, Sabiá-associated hemorrhagic fever, Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever) collapsed
* Tularemia

(Source: cdc.gov)

Rats, mice, and other small animals should be unwelcome in your home or business, unless you purchased one at a pet shop. Those should be certified disease free and raised by humans so they will not bite or be very afraid of you. Wild animals, on the other hand, should be removed as soon as possible. How can you tell if you have been infected with rats, mice, or other small animals?

There are several ways to tell if your home or business is infected with rats or mice. Their feces and urine have a very characteristic smell. If you have ever been in a log cabin or other structure outside that has been infected with rats and mice, you will know what this smells like. They are scared of people so they typically will not come out when we are around, but sometimes they will. They run very fast but you can’t really miss the little brown or gray figure running past you on the floor. The other tell-tale sign of course is their fecal matter which is usually in cabinets and other enclosed areas where they hide.

Raccoons are another animal that can invade a home given the opportunity or ravage around in the garbage outside. Many people think that raccoons are cute and adorable, but wild raccoons should never be messed around with. They can be mean and cause great damage in and out of your home. They can also be rabid in worst case scenarios.

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