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Get Rid of Pack Rats Roof Rats in Anthem AZ

Do you suspect that you need to get rid of pack rats roof rats in Anthem AZ? If you smell them, hear them, or see them, they might be hanging around outside or even inside your home. These two rodent types are both common in Arizona, and both of them can make a complete nuisance of themselves and cause damage to your home and your belongings.

What Do Pack Rats Roof Rats Look Like?

The roof rat is black in color, about 6-8 inches long each for the body and tail for a total of about 16 inches, and inhabits attics and roofs of buildings when they can. They are omnivores and will eat pretty much anything that’s around for them to eat including meat, seed, and vegetation.

The pack rat is brown in color and similar in size to the roof rat. It also likes to inhabit attics and tall places because that is where they hide in their natural environment. Pack rats are vegetarians and primarily eat vegetation and twigs, but Mexican pack rats enjoy acorns, cactus, and seeds.

Why Be Concerned About Rats?

Rats are dangerous to humans because they carry disease when out in the wild. Their nesting areas are extremely dangerous to handle due to the presence of their fecal matter and urine, which carries diseases such as salmonellae. Roof rats are also carriers of bubonic plague and hantavirus. Fleas that feed on rats can carry disease to humans as well.

How would you know if you need to get rid of pack rats or roof rats in Anthem AZ? Most of the time people are alerted to these animals in their home from the noise they create when scurrying around or building their nests. They can get in through holes in the attic outside, or in some cases they can chew their way in, especially in the case of roof rats. Therefore prevention can be difficult. However, it is still important to do what you can to detract roof rats and pack rats from entering your home.

How Can I Remove Pack Rats and Roof Rats From My Home?

The best way to remove them is to take preventive measures and stop them from coming in. Make sure that any ventilation holes into your attic from outside are covered with thick mesh wire. Seal all ducting and any other wood seams with caulk. Inspect your home a few times a year for new damage or holes that may appear from animals trying to enter your home. This is especially important in the Fall as it cools off at night. Warm blooded animals like rats and bats will look for warmer places to nest, out of the weather.

As stated above, rats and rat’s nests can be dangerous to remove due to the diseases they can carry. We strongly recommend that you call a professional if you need to get rid of pack rats roof rats in Anthem AZ. Call us at 623-587-0125 today if you suspect a rat problem. We will inspect your home for free, and when we find your suspect(s) we will let you know what we found and what we will need to do to remove them.

We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding pack rats and roof rats. Call us today at 623-587-0125.