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We had serious problems at our facility with pigeons. They were creating a health hazard for our patients, visitors and staff and required allocation of time and money to maintain the property. A contractor was coming in quarterly to remove the birds, their nests and their mess from the cat walks around our hospital tower. As soon as the contractor let the birds were back at work re-establishing their homes and soon it was as if the contractor had not even been on site. We decided to seek alternative solutions to our problem and called ir Rid-A-Bird for suggestions on how to proceed. What we decided to do was a combination of ideas: (1) trapping (2) installing bird netting around the hospital tower. The trapping physically removed the birds from the property without banning them and continued on for several months after the netting was installed to capture any members of the flock, which were still around. The netting was installed on every level of the catwalks and prevented the birds from getting to our catwalks to nest and rest. The strands are so thin that 1 room a distance you can’t tell there is anything in place, and up close it does not interfere with your view. I am very pleased with the trapping methods used by Rid-A-Bird and the netting installed around our building. The customer service they provided, their response to our calls and a addressing our concerns was great. I would use them again and recommend them to anyone who is having a bird problem at their facility.
Gary PolaccaMaintenance SupervisorPhoenix Indian Medical Center