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Insects and Bed Bugs

Our technicians approach all jobs with an environmentally friendly technique, but sometimes there are specific pest issues requiring us to answer these questions:

What is the pest problem?



How are we going to solve it?

Our skilled technicians must first identify the problem.  Sometimes it’s just looking at a bug that has been collected by you; the customer or even the technician.  The next step is to inspect the property for clues on how to solve the problem.  The technician will make recommendations and then conduct a treatment. Rid-A-Bird (Pest Control) will work to reduce the impact on the beneficial insects in the environment.  We do this by applying products in the areas where the pest species may enter the home from cracks and crevices so they do not enter the home. We do not overload the outside ecosystem with treatments that burden the beneficial insects which are needed to pollinate flowers, till the soils and keep an overall balance in the environment.

Sharing spaces with pests is not only annoying, it can also negatively impact you and your family’s health. Prevent health complications by bringing in pest control experts to take care of the problem. Call Rid-A-Bird, (Pest Control) at (623) 587-0125 to take advantage of our pest control services. We offer same day solutions.

Common House Hold Pests

Ants, Crickets
Cockroaches, Earwigs
Fleas, Ticks

We Can Effectively Control These and Many Other Pests.