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We Provide Bed Bug Treatment in Desert Hills, Anthem, Cave Creek, Glendale AZ

Bed Bugs can be living on or in your bed and you may not even know it. They can come from strange places. For example if you stay at a motel and the bed you sleep in is infected, you can bring some of those eggs home with you, unexpectedly and unwittingly. The eggs are very small and are easily transported.

One thing you can do is to keep your clothes and suitcases away from your beds when you get home, and wash all of your clothes before putting them back into your closet. If you bring a personal pillow, make sure you wash and sanitize it before putting it back on your bed.

Once they invade your home, they are extremely difficult to control. They are difficult to see, they are active at night when humans are sleeping, and a female lays eggs at 2 to 3 per day and may lay 200 to 300 eggs in a lifetime. They can go without food (blood) for up to 140 days. They hide in cracks and small places and are difficult to see. Not only do you have these insects living with you, but they also bite you to suck your blood. This can be quite painful.

Bed bugs are not an animal that you want to mess with. They are tiny, multiply quickly, and will make a nuisance of themselves in a very short time. Another issue is that one day you will need to get rid of that old mattress. The people will come to remove it, and if there are traces of bedbugs in the mattress, they will not touch it. You will need to dispose of it yourself. Not to mention the fact that bedbugs can be transported accidentally from your old mattress to your new one!

We have a unique detection procedure that can determine whether or not you need a full treatment. Call us today at 623-587-0125 if you have think you have bed bugs and need bedbug treatment in Desert Hills, Anthem, Cave Creek, or Glendale. We will treat them and kick them out of YOUR beds.