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Why Get Pest Control in Anthem Arizona?

Your home should be one of beauty, admiration, and enjoyment. Pests can make your home and your life miserable, like you’re experiencing a horrible nightmare. This could very well cause the need for Anthem pest control.

These unwelcome guests can be

  • birds of any kind
  • vermin such as rats, mice, gophers, raccoons and skunks
  • snakes or other cold-blooded reptiles, or
  • insects such as scorpions, moths, flies, bees, termites, ants, crickets, centipedes, bedbugs, and cockroaches.

Pests aren’t invited and they are certainly not welcome guests; they can cause major damage to your home or property. They can also cause you discomfort in your home or on your property with the noises they make. One thing is for sure: guests like these are most definitely not welcome in or around your home.

Who Has Pest Problems?

In Anthem Arizona, nearly every home has pests. They live outside and, unless your home and property is contained in a bunker, you really have no choice but to live where they also live.  Many are unseen – unless you’re looking for them. But, that’s not usually a part of our daily routine.

Not all pests will cause you or your property harm. Some are just plain annoying that they’ve invaded your home, such as ants. However, many that you don’t see could be a major concern. Termites, for example, are the worst offenders because they cause the most property damage.

Uncontrolled Pests Can Make Us Feel Bad

How do you feel when you see pests in or around your home? Most people will feel annoyed or unhappy because they found pests. Some people get very upset or angry because they don’t have control over the situation. Others get scared or frightened because they didn’t expect to see what they saw and they’re fearful that they or their property and belongings can be harmed by the pests.

No matter what feelings we experience when we see pests, one thing is certain – all of those feelings are negative feelings because seeing, hearing, or smelling pests doesn’t make us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Why Do We Get Pests?

Pests invade homes for several reasons:

  • They could be looking for a warm place when it’s cold outside, or a cool place when it’s hot
  • They could be looking for food
  • They could have just found their way in accidentally but can’t find their way out

They can cause damage to our outside property and landscaping because that’s their natural habitat. Examples include woodpeckers and gophers. Birds and pigeons can also build nests under solar panels which will cause damage to your roof and the panels themselves. Some pests besides being major health concerns can also make your house smell bad – cockroaches, mice, and rats are good examples.

How Can We Prevent Pests From Invading?

How can you help stop pests from invading the inside of your home? There are several things you can do to help:

  • Put food away as soon as you’re done using it. Leaving food out in the open invites unexpected guests.
  • Seal all food on counters (bread, etc) fully
  • Eat ripened bananas and other fruit as soon as possible, or refrigerate, freeze, or can
  • Keep your pantry clean and free of old potatoes and other open food
  • Seal all flour and other containers. If you have more flour on hand than you’ll use in a short time, refrigerate it for up to 2 years, or freeze it for indefinite storage
  • If you see any flying bugs, remove them immediately – a few innocent looking moths flying around, for example, can add up to a huge headache in just a short time
  • Always clean up spills from liquids and crumbs on surfaces right away. Be certain the entire mess is cleaned up and any food surfaces are sanitized
  • Seal all doors and windows with caulk and/or weatherstrip molding. If you can feel a breeze, the insects can find their way in
  • Take a trip around your home and any other structures twice a year and either separate soil from wood or put up termite-proof barricades between any soil and structure, even brick and concrete block – they can get through cracks in those materials
  • Trim all bushes and trees so they aren’t touching your structures, even during windy times. Termites and other critters can use the branches as a free ride into your home or other structures
  • Call a reputable pest control company if you see, feel, smell, or hear any pests in or around your home that you are unable to remove yourself – the longer you allow pests to roam, the worse the problems will become.

What Can Be Done About Them?

Are you concerned that you may have harmful pests in or around your home? Or do you see signs of them? Call us today at 623-587-0125 for a free inspection.

Are you feeling unhappy, sad, angry, upset, scared, or very angry that you’ve got pests? We can put your mind at ease and make your home and property livable and comfortable for you again. This is because Anthem Pest Control is our specialty.

If you have any type of pest in your home or on your property and you want to get rid of them, call us today at 623-587-0125. We can take care of all your pest issues in Anthem, AZ.

We are a local family owned and operated pest control business, and not a franchise. We have over 35 years experience in the pest control business, and we will treat you like a person. Any pest issues from today will be completely gone tomorrow. And that’s a guarantee and a warranty. Call us today to get your pest problems under control right away.